Hi! My name is Vann.


I’ve been a trainer for over six years and have over 10,000 hours of group classes and personal training combined. I’ve worked with individuals from the beginning stages, to hall-of-fame football players, military, and everyone in between.

I’m open minded and passionate when it comes to training, and I don’t believe there is only one way to train. Each sport, each style of lifting, each mom or dad, each teenager require different movements and training to meet his or her goals. I believe each individual will thrive and will see results much quicker with a custom, individualized plan. 

I'd say my strongest quality as a trainer is perfecting form and technique! I'm a huge believer of the saying " Practice makes permanent, not perfect " I will make sure you have the best at both on every movement so not only are we making progress starting day 1, but we are doing it as safe as possible to ensure longevity in our training, sport and most importantly health.


- Strength Training

- Athletic Condtioning

- Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

- Weight Loss  



- CrossFit Level 1

- Crossfit Football

- USAW Level 1 ( USA Weightlifting )

- FMS ( Functional Movement Screening )

- Numerous of strength, nutrition and gymnastic seminars